Girl Fight Fitness


I am definitely more toned all over my body. In the past I would run on an elliptical or take a class here or there and maybe my legs would get stronger / more toned but these workouts get you all over!  

Plus, because I like it... I want to go. Now I'm not a workout zealot or anything but these classes have been the only thing I've ever stuck to for this long (other than curling which is a very social sport) consistently.  

I was worried I wouldn't be able to do it (stamina-wise). I also wasn't sure if I'd be the only ‘non-super-athletic’ person in the room (or the oldest). It was very laid back in the sense that there weren't any female meatheads in there going nuts and screaming. Everyone seemed to be challenged but enjoying it. 

I was surprised that there was such a mix of younger and more mature, sporty and not sporty at all, totally engaged and more laid back...etc... just a total cornucopia, so whatever level you were at you didn't feel like the only one. Quit trying all this other stuff (every kind of class, gym, program out there...seriously) and get over there to try Girl Fight!


I was tired of the treadmill and weights at the gym. I was nervous, but only because I didn't know what to expect. The atmosphere was not at intimidating. The other attendees were really friendly and welcoming.  

My first class was great! I loved punching and kicking the bags, what a fabulous way to get in shape and relieve stress! I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed putting on a pair of boxing gloves and learning basic kickboxing moves. I had a lot of fun!  

The trainers don't force you to work so hard that you break down and hesitate to come back. It's more of a community, where the trainers are invested in your health and well-being and the other attendees aren't there to judge. We're all in the workout together. I am getting stronger, I have more endurance and I can push myself harder without taking breaks. My mind feels sharper and my mental focus has improved. My mood has also changed for the better.  

You have to begin your journey by agreeing to help yourself. Girl Fight can help you get started down the right path in a welcoming and non-threatening environment.


I drove by it three times a week. Always wondered what kind of classes they offered. A co-worker told me about how she goes to kick boxing and loved it. So I remembered that this place was very close to home.  

I felt very comfortable. I loved everything about it! Amanda really pays attention to her clients ensuring that their needs are met and that they are safely performing the work outs. Inches have melted away and toning is happening! I wish I started this sooner!


I had driven past the location a few times. A couple people I knew go there and said it was a great work out and fun. I was nervous I wouldn't be able to do the work out due to my back issues and not working out for a long time. I loved hitting the bag. I was able to do the workout, by at my pace. I don't feel like I don't belong there. I feel so much stronger, have more energy and my clothes fit so much better. Start working out here NOW!!!!!!


It was challenging and fun at the same time. I was intimidated only because I did not know what to expect. I was surprised by how comfortable I was right away… There is no intimidation, the instructors are more than willing to show you alternate moves and take time to help/answer any questions. Not to mention it's a fun environment!


I always loved boxing, and this was a place with all females, more comfortable for us. I didn't know what to expect, and I just had my brain surgery in January so I wasn't sure how good I would do. Or if I could keep up. 

I brought my daughter (18 y/o) with me as well, and she was nervous because she's always worried about being judged etc. It was fun, welcoming, upbeat. We didn't feel like beginners, it felt like we were doing this for years. Even though we were new, my daughter and I were able to keep up!  

I'm stronger, losing weight, and it has brought me and my daughter closer because it's our thing we do together. Look up Girl Fight and join!


It was hard but I loved the pace. Made the time fly by. Everyone is welcoming, accepting and motivating! 

I am more confident. I feel stronger. 

You will love it. It will give you confidence and strength!


I love Amanda's way of speed fire instruction. Never bored! 

This [gym] is perfect. I am more fit and I look forward to attending. 

Get there now!


[I was a] little bit [intimidated] because I didn’t know what to expect and I was insecure in my abilities. I was surprised I actually enjoyed the class and got so much out of it after just a 55 minute class. 

I liked that there were modifications if things were difficult so it gave you options once you got tired. No judgment and fun! The class flies by and you feel so good after. Also you don’t feel so insecure as it’s all women and no negative nellies are there to make you feel bad about yourself. It’s an extremely uplifting environment.  

I enjoy working out again. I feel better about myself and notice I’m not as winded as I used to be. Also I am more confident and enjoy noticing my clothes fit better. Go NOW! Why wait when you can get healthier right away!


I was scared I was going to be the biggest girl there and that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the rest of the class. I was SO wrong. [My] first class was a little difficult to get through because I've been so out of shape but between Amanda and Jeanna I was able to jump right in. Everything can be modified! 

My favorite parts are the switch-ups from cardio to bag; feels like a break when it really isn't :), I was surprised that at my weight and physical condition - I was able to complete the class, successfully. And many more after that :) I feel included, immediately. It's something I get excited for! And I'm not uncomfortable being myself at all! Just do it. AND stick to it!


Working in the Glenville area I would drive by so I decided to check it out! I am not a ‘gym’ girl so I was pleased this was a place I could go to exercise without having to use gym style equipment plus it’s an all ‘girl’ facility so I am very comfortable and not intimidated. 

I also LOVE the fact you don't have to commit to a contract and can purchase classes whenever it works for you!! I find myself attending more classes that way. The more purchase passes you buy the less $$ per class it is but the best part is you can schedule classes that fit your schedule -- Jeanna is an awesome instructor -- just love Girl Fight Fitness! 

Being older I was a bit nervous as I didn't know what to expect, but upon arriving and participating I knew this was for me! It was totally awesome!!! I love kickboxing and I love the fitness in between sets. My favorite part??? I had fun exercising : ) . 

The class went quickly and I survived it! I love that you work at your own pace and the instructor shows you alternative ways to do an exercise that you may have trouble performing. I was surprised to see the instructor giving her attention to each and every participant to ensure they are working out to their full capacity. 

I hate having to commit to a monthly fee as my schedule doesn't always allow me to participate -- I love the fact I can go when I want to and not because I have to! I have become stronger both mentally and physically -- I look forward to exercising!!! I have also committed to start running again!


I was nervous, not intimidated, but as soon as I walked in, Amanda greeted me and introduced herself and made the class very inviting. I was surprised at the level of the workout I was able to get. I was glad that there were different levels that we could do if we couldn't do the exact move. I was happy to be thoroughly exhausted!  

Girl Fight just has a different vibe... like visiting a friend/working out with friends. The variations in the exercises and the class attendees is also different. I also love the class package - not having a membership makes me feel more in control of my fitness. Life happens sometimes and it's good to know I'm not throwing money away if I miss a few days or a week here or there for work or vacations. 

I find that I have more energy when I attend regularly. Physically, I think I noticed differences after only a couple of weeks going to class. I noticed that as I kept attending I was getting stronger.


My niece told me about Girl Fight Fitness. I tried it to step up my weight loss. I was a little bit afraid that I wasn't going to be able to keep up with everyone. 

I fell in love with Girl Fight my first class. It's a great workout but no one judges you. Everyone in the class was helpful and encouraging. The instructor makes it so that even the most out of shape person (me lol) can do it. They make it as fun as possible so that you don't dread going. 

I like that every class is changed up so you are working your whole body but it's not so boring. Most gyms you go to you just do the same thing over and over. I look forward to my classes. I feel that my body is more toned and I feel stronger. Get your butt to Girl Fight Fitness!!!!


I felt welcomed and I knew I was a beginner. It was fun and challenging what surprised me was the next day I thought my legs would fall off. Every class is different and we are encouraged to work hard but at our own pace. I am much stronger, no longer doing push ups on my knees. I have muscles I didn't know I owned.


It was a lot of fun. My favorite part is taking out the days problems by hitting the bag. The surprising thing was everyone was friendly and willing to help and show me the ropes. Jeanna was great at showing modifications if needed. My clothes are starting to fit differently and I feel like I am stronger. Why wait? Do it now!


I am intimated by all ‘work out’ activities and nervous generally about trying new things I am not sure how to do, especially physical activities and/or on my own. 

I do not work out regularly but wanted to work on a healthier lifestyle incorporating activities that are fun and challenging and thought (correctly) that this might be a good fit!  

It was very welcoming because the instructor was the perfect blend of friendly and encouraging while being tough but uncritical. Also too much attention can make me feel awkward so I was surprised that it was just the right balance. 

The class was difficult for me and I overdid it the first time (not in a bad way) but what was surprising was how good the instructors are at pushing you to do your best and challenge yourself while also making sure that you do so in a healthy, safe way and letting you know it is okay to go at whatever pace you can handle. I am completely focused on health and wellness during this class and not distracted at all about worrying about how I look doing the tasks. DO IT!


[Some of my] friends went and my daughter and I wanted to try something new to do together. I am not super fit, I had not done a push up in forever, I am in my 50's, and the idea of putting on boxing gloves was daunting.  

My first class was a lot like my last class - sweaty, fun, challenging, and I felt good about myself that I finished. There is that sense of accomplishment.  

I purposely have not gone to "big box" gyms, because I am not that type of person. I like that the other members are people in my community and don't dress to impress, but come to improve themselves and have fun.  

My stamina has increased, my clothes fit better. I have lost a few inches in my waist, hips, thighs, and arms. I sleep better at night. It's ok not to go with a friend - the people you meet are friendly and welcoming.


I think you get used to exercises that you do over and over and I find it hard to start something new. My favorite parts were being able to punch the bag and to really see your strength behind each move. I was very surprised with the cardio that is involved with kickboxing and how it increases your heart rate.

I don't feel like anyone judges you, no one is talking behind your back and so many opportunities to meet new people. Girl Fight is limited to people in each class and it is not over whelming. Lots of modifications for clients. Never be afraid to try a Girl Fight class.


I immediately felt comfortable in my surroundings as well as with Amanda the instructor, my favorite is the workout on the bag, love kicking and punching!! 

It is the most non-judgmental, non-intimidating environment I had ever been in for working out, I had been out of the game for a while and immediately felt comfortable. [I have a] better mood and mindset first and foremost, and with that comes the extra rewards of clothes getting looser, so not only some inches going away, down 20lbs!! 

Always remember you can do this, you will get there, "mishaps" happen & that’s ok, slow and steady wins the race. Push away the negative self-talk!


I was a little intimidated to come to the first class because I was older than most in the class and not sure I could keep up with the workouts. I watched Amanda's video on Girl Fight kickboxing, and thought I should give it a try. 

The first class was awesome. I enjoyed the diversity of exercises. I found Amanda to be a great motivator. I was surprised that I had more strength and flexibility and was able to do the optional more difficult moves. The trainer makes all the difference in exercising. The comradery of group exercise is a motivator. There is never any pressure to perform at a certain level, and no sales pressure. The cost is very, very reasonable. There are diverse classes offered. I've improved my strength and tightened my core muscles. Take a chance on this trainer and see what you can do. There is no pressure and you are only in competition with your former self.


[Other] kickboxing classes I'd taken in the past the instructor would yell and I didn't respond well to this type of instruction. [Girl Fight] was great. I liked the mix of bag work and calisthenics. It pushed me to do things I would not do during and at home workout.  

There is no monthly fee, or set schedule. I love that if my schedule changes I can work my workout around it by going to on a different day than I usually go.

PAM S.  

[I did] the 6 week program...awesome!! My most favorite part honestly was having Amanda for our coach. So positive, upbeat, non-judgmental, encouraging, etc. [I was surprised] that I want to attend classes. Hardest thing ever for me, until I found Amanda. Get your butt out there now!!


I love kickboxing and was excited to see how Girl Fight did their classes. The class was fun and a great overall/full body work out. 

I like doing the sets and swapping sides to get cardio and strength in evenly. [It’s] all girls and focused on each person with modifications as needed (explained and demonstrated).  

I enjoy going to the "gym."

"Girl Fight is awesome because of the accountability." -Ashley R.

"I love Girl Fight because it made me enthusiastic about exercise again." -Theresa D.

"I love Girl Fight because for the first time at a gym, I feel like I belong." -Christine G.

"They are supportive and encouraging while still pushing you to do your best and hit your goals." -Laura K.