Girl Fight Fitness | Kickboxing Workouts and Classes for Women

Got questions? Let's talk about your goals and see if Girl Fight is a good fit for you!  

Why Girl Fight Fitness?

  • It's the perfect mix of physical exercise and fun. 
  • No scary contracts, long-term commitments, or memberships.  
  • All classes are appropriate for all ability levels. Beginners are always welcome!
  • Workouts never get old! Experience a new workout every time you come. 
  • Extremely supportive, woman-friendly environment. You won't find any gym-timidation here! 


Here are some popular styles that we recommend!

"Girl Fight is awesome because of the accountability." -Ashley R.

"I love Girl Fight because it made me enthusiastic about exercise again." -Theresa D.

"I love Girl Fight because for the first time at a gym, I feel like I belong." -Christine G.

"They are supportive and encouraging while still pushing you to do your best and hit your goals." -Laura K.