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About Girl Fight Fitness

Our Story

Girl Fight Fitness was founded in 2014 by Amanda Gonzalez-Barone based on her observations and experiences as a fitness trainer. She wanted to provide a fun, female-friendly environment for the pursuit of fitness and health through strength, cardio, and kickboxing workouts.

 The first location started in Burnt Hills, NY with six punching bags, a paper check-in system, and Amanda wearing all the hats -- from teaching all the classes to running the business to cleaning the toilets!

We are so happy that so many women love Girl Fight and have helped us grow. Now we have a team of awesome, skilled, and friendly trainers to help you get in the best shape ever!  

Whether you are a beginning exerciser or just looking for a change of pace for your current program, Girl Fight workouts provide a combination of calorie-torching boxing moves and muscle-toning strength drills. Workouts are fast, fun...and addictive! 

Why Girl Fight Works

The philosophy we use for designing exercise routines is to engage as many muscle groups as possible using dynamic movements that mimic the way the body functions in daily life.  

"What good is an exercise if it doesn't make us stronger throughout the day?" says Amanda. "The more we engage principle body movements in exercise, the better we move, walk, lift, and bend. And that's just everyday stuff. This approach benefits sports immensely -- whether you're a runner, triathlete, or play pickup basketball, you can improve using this kind of training."  

Hard work is fundamental, but so is having fun. "It's hard enough to get motivated to work out. And if you HATE it, it's so much easier to blow it off. Workouts should be physically challenging, but they should also be fun to do. If you enjoy what you're doing, you're more likely to make it a life change and stick with it for good." 

And Yes, We're Silly...

We like to goof around. We like to have fun. We like to enjoy our workouts and not feel like we're being tortured. If you're looking for a supportive and welcoming environment to kick some butt, Girl Fight is it!



Amanda's journey in fitness began after college, when she had gained the Freshman 15 (and then some!) and decided to make a healthy lifestyle change. Little did she know that her foray into fitness would lead to a career change and a new passion for exercise and healthy eating. She has appeared in the P90X infomercial and on QVC with fitness guru, Tony Horton.  

Amanda is an Elite Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association and holds certifications in Fitness Training, Strength & Conditioning, Sports Nutrition, Exercise Therapy, Bodybuilding, and Youth Fitness. In addition, Amanda is schooled in Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga, a devastating martial art used for self defense and hand-to-hand combat. She is a published author and summarizes her philosophy on nutrition in The 80/20 Plan. Amanda has also completed an Ironman endurance triathlon, consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile run -- all in one day! She combines all of these skills to create fun, fast, and effective workouts. 

JEANNA MEAD Girl Fight Trainer

After two kids and several years of creeping weight gain, Jeanna decided she needed to make a change. She made fitness her focus and found that it changed her life. Staying active and healthy helped her lose over 40 pounds. But, more importantly, it made her confident, happy, and goal-oriented. She had become a better wife, better mother, better version of herself -- and she decided that she needed to share this amazing change with others!  

Jeanna has been working as a fitness instructor for three years and has certifications in group fitness and kickboxing. She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has run several marathons and one 33-mile ultramarathon. Some of her greatest achievements, though, lie in seeing others become the best that they can be!


Corryn decided to become a trainer after realizing that she loved kickboxing at Girl Fight and wanted to help others work on their health and fitness. Living a life of moderation is Corryn's motto and she loves to find new ways to exercise and cook healthier meals. After losing over 70 pounds, Corryn dedicates her time to supporting others to reach their goals and in finding time for self care!  

Exercise has become an important stress outlet for Corryn and has made her more comfortable in her skin. Kickboxing gave Corryn a sense of control and empowerment in her life and she wants to share that feeling with women of all backgrounds! Corryn is certified in Group Fitness and Kickboxing. When Corryn is not working at Girl Fight, she enjoys yoga and going for long walks.

MARIE PASKA Girl Fight Trainer

Marie has over 20 years of experience teaching kickboxing and boxing all around the Capital Region. She has a diverse training background in several styles of Martial Arts, including Karate, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai.  

In her spare time, Marie enjoys running obstacle races, attending country concerts, and hosting parties with mad-crazy games of Pictionary. On top of her Martial Arts training, she's been in the legal field for over 20 years.


Brittany Gonzalez-Barone has been active in health and fitness since college, where she started teaching kickboxing classes. Her passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle has only grown from there.  

Brittany works full-time as an English teacher and enjoys spending time with her wife, Girl Fight Owner Amanda Gonzalez-Barone, and her two furbabies, Bradley the dog and Oscar the cat.