Are you ready to feel stronger, more energetic, and have some extra room in those jeans?

You're probably thinking... "ohhhh, I've heard this before..." And that's the problem -- most programs promise you the results but only give you the tools to do it YOURSELF. Which hardly ever works.

How much more successful would you be with a coach breathing down your neck, making sure you did your workouts, and slapping the cupcake out of your hand? 

That's the secret sauce that makes the difference between "I WANT to get fit" vs. "HOLY CRAP, I need to buy a smaller dress size!"

That's why, for a limited number of new members, we're giving you 6 months of personalized coaching and accountability with your membership -- absolutely FREE. 

Why? Because if we get you into that new dress size, feeling energetic with a spring in your step, and confident about each day, you'll probably want to keep working with us even after your 6 months are up!

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Still scrolling??? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM US???

Maybeeeeee.... an obscenely long list of all the things we give our members because we love them so much:

  •  Easy, unlimited memberships with no startup or cancellation fees 
  •  LOTS of convenient class times to choose from  
  •  Limited class sizes so you get the experience of personal training in a class setting
  •  Attend any of our locations with your membership - no hidden fees or surcharges
  •  Customer loyalty discounts each year - get rewarded for being a long-term member with annual membership fee reductions
  •  Access to free self defense seminars, health workshops, and community events
  •  Free members-only Coaching Group to get advanced support for your goals
  •  Exclusive discounts on special programs (like Couch to 5K and more)
  •  Members-only weight loss challenges with a chance to win cash and prizes
  •  Referral cash for every friend that signs up for a trial and/or membership
  •  You're part of the community - we survey our members regularly for ideas on new programs, classes, and things to add to make your experience AMAZING

Maybe you're wondering where we're located? We have two awesome locations! (TWO... TWO LOCATIONS... ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!)

Girl Fight Glenville 126 Saratoga Road

Girl Fight Latham 959 New Loudon Road